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The very similar but cheaper designed winchester model 1200/1300 was introduced in 1964 as a low-cost aluminum receiver replacement for the venerable model 12.

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Winchester Model 94 , Pre-64 and Post-64 , Up close

We love lever guns, as do most shooters, since they have a novel "cowboy" feel and their size and weight is less intimidating.

Are many legends about why the historic serial number records for winchester rifles and shotguns are not complete or why they are not always verifiable.

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Winchester Model 94 .30-30 (Pre 64)

I am finally the proud owner of a Winchester Model 94, pre-64 vintage. ------------------- Please GO to our website and check out ...

You say winchester shotguns, most people think of the model 97 trench gun, the model 1200, or the elegant double barrel model 21.

Dating pre 64 winchester for sale

WINCHESTER 94 PRE-1964 Best Rifles Ever!!!

Showing a couple of new guns! Let me know what you think about the Ruger Mark II & The Winchester Model 94 from 1948 .32 ...

The image below to download the pdf document containing the serial number date-range information on many winchester firearms.

Pre 64 and Post 64 Model 94 1894 Winchesters

Here is a brief rundown of the differences between pre and post 64 model 94 Winchesters. While the guns did get cheapened up ...

1904-1908 both savage and remington came out with hammerless designs that replicated winchesters gun performance, only with the hammer hidden inside a streamlined receiver.

Winchester 94 Improving stiff lever action

How I improved the very stiff lever action on my Pre 64 Winchester 94 30 WCF Winchester Center Fire This took me about two ...

Herb was so fast a shot that he was even called to serve his country in world war 2 as a gunnery instructor, teaching young men the basics of shooting down aircraft with winchester 12s among other guns.

The Model 64 Winchester

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The gun was in production by winchester as late as 2006, there is no concern anytime soon that the millions of these vintage scatterguns will be unsupportable anytime soon.

Special Guns with Roger Rule Episode 1: Winchester Pre-64 Model 70 Rifle

Welcome to Special Guns with Roger Rule, a new series of weekly episodes airing every Friday, starting December 9th. Episode ...