Is aka really dating dj zinhle

Upon a time, dj zinhle and rapper aka were a couple and seemed happy when they revealed that she was pregnant last year.

Is aka really dating dj zinhle

Dj Zinhle Snapchat with Boyfriend aka Bae

Dj Zinhle snapchat with boyfriend aka Bae Ntombezinhle Jiyane aka Dj Zinhle was born in Dannhauser in the KwaZulu-Natal ...

Seeing dj zinhle's tweet, aka went on his own twitter tirade about the shirt, dj zinhle, and his own mother.

Is aka still dating dj zinhle

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African rapper aka and dj zinhle break upfive reasons why the dj zinhle, aka and bonang drama should be buriedrapper aka and dj zinhle call it quitstraditional 'damages' - should aka pay inhlawulo?

Is dj zinhle dating rapper aka

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He defended bonang, who was apparently almost sabotaged by dj zinhle, and lamented the fact that zinhle has a better relationship with his mom than he does.

Is it true that aka is dating dj zinhle

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Dj zinhle's partner brendon naidoo has been granted r60 000 bail by the alexandra magistrate's court, where he appeared on fraud charges on tuesday.

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You've been following the recent twitter rants involving dj zinhle, bonang matheba and aka then you've probably asked yourself why they're in the news again.

But then dj zinhle revealed that bonang matheba, television host and radio personality, was involved in a five-month long affair with aka, which later led to their breakup.

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